Lifestyle Photography in Barcelona

Lifestyle photography is a style of photography where spontaneity, everyday moments and the small details are the protagonists. I find joy in capturing the genuine essence of the people in front of my lens. Parenthood has shown me that true representations of life arise from the spontaneous, in-between moments, the beautiful energy, and the special bonds we create. My aim is to capture these authentic elements. Being a professional photographer, I find happiness in documenting both the big and small life moments. My shooting style makes you feel at ease. Think of me as that friend who absolutely loves taking photos, works magic with natural light, enjoys adventures, and appreciates all of life´s moments. My favourite moment of the day is sunrise and I get extra excited when clients are up for a sunrise photoshoot!

Frequent questions

Lifestyle photos capture real, everyday moments in people’s lives. They show genuine expressions, spontaneous actions, and the beauty in the simplicity. It’s documenting a visual story, a life moment, a holiday adventure. In this frequently asked questions section I explain how I apply this photographic style to my sessions

Absolutely, lifestyle photography seamlessly integrates into weddings, capturing genuine emotions and candid moments for a personalised visual narrative of the couple’s special day. As a wedding photographer who follows the lifestyle style, I aim to capture “stolen” moments of the couple, where they are happy and relaxed, capturng their connections, and their story. My focus is on avoiding stiff poses and intricate setups.

Lifestyle photography is known for its natural feel of telling stories in a genuine way. It avoids stiff poses and fake actions. Because of its real and adaptable nature, it captures authentic moments in various settings. It’s like an “on-the-spot” style, always surprising with its spontaneity.

My main goal is to capture those real and meaningful moments that highlight the beautiful connections in families. I focus on the little things and simplicity, aiming to share the special beauty of family life and the journey of motherhood through genuine visual stories in my photos. Another crucial thing is my patience and easygoing approach. As a mom to two active boys, I understand that parents often worry about how their kids will handle a photo session for various reasons. Rest assured, I have the patience and know-how to handle almost any situation and am always up for the challenge!